Music and Dance

Music and dance is the very hearth of every cultural festival, so witness the most Pulsating performances and Dynamic sequence. Feel the outrageous energy and enthusiasm as audience or participant this Blitzschlag'17


Capturing life on reel is an art which involves expertise in many fields: screen writing, shooting, editing, direction, cinematography and so forth. Whichever may be your forte, exhibit your talent on the silver screen of Blitzschlag'17.


In your never-ending race of life take time to stop and enjoy the finer moments, the small things of beauty.. Freeze or capture them to be able to relive them forever.  Exhibit how well you can screen your favourite moments in still  


We are all playing some character in everyone's lives. To leave our own roles and adopt a challenging yet convincing character is the achievement for any skilled actor on stage.  Let out your inner 'Nautanki' with confidence. Blitzschlag'17 awaits your best acts.


Everybody is busy living scripts of their own life. Interaction among people  is what makes these scripts masterpieces.  Meet new people, be a part of exciting activities and happening events. Come lace new stories this Blitzschlag'17.